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I Luv Southwest Airlines

I have just returned from a lovely 6-day tropical paradise, topped off by one of the most enjoyable flights (if not the most enjoyable) I’ve ever taken. Southwest Airlines gets it. That’s why they continue to fly sky high while many other airlines flail and fail.

That’s why I’d rather pay to fly on Southwest than fly free on United. Southwest treats you right with just about everything they do, from fair pricing policies to top-notch customer service.

Obviously, the most up close and personal customer facing Southwest representatives are the flight crews. Well, I’m here to tell you, this one was a dandy. They reminded me that, amid so much anger and angst, there are still many bright spots and bright people out there.

This particular flight crew charmed from the get-go, managing to turn the mundane takeoff instruction portion of the evening into an entertaining interlude. They exuded friendliness and fair-mindedness, and truly seemed to enjoy not only their jobs but the simple (yet all too elusive) art of making people smile.

Following is an excerpt of the email I forwarded to the Southwest media relations department, describing my experience:

“I’m flying to Phoenix/Denver at this moment (Monday 7/3 @ 7:55 PM EDT). This entire flight crew deserves kudos for transforming a typically mundane, stressful flight into a joy. I would like to make sure they are recognized and rewarded for their excellent treatment. In addition to anything you routinely do as part of your media relations/media outreach efforts, please notify the appropriate customer service representatives as well…We hear about so much strife and combative behavior every day of our lives. In many cases, all it takes to make a person’s day is to show a bit of compassion, humor and caring. This flight crew is doing that, and then some. For reference, their names are Ken, Alicia, Nick, and Leah. Two flight mechanics on the flight also deserve a shout out for courtesy and kindness. They are Courtland and Daverton. Thanks for hiring and retaining such stellar talent.”

What does it tell you that I wrote this email while cruising high above the clouds, unwilling to wait for another day? This is what we all need in our lives, and what we should strive to model.

‘Nuff said.


Mark Lusky, President, Mark Lusky Communications (aka The Happy Curmudgeon) is a veteran writer, storyteller and author, with 40+ years of public relations, advertising, marketing and journalism experience. READ BIO

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