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Robust employee training benefits all customers and preferences

Robust employee training benefits all customers and preferences by improving overall productivity, performance and attitude. Its positive impact cuts across all political, economic and social lines. Better-trained employees serve customers better—so it’s a lowest-common-denominator area that companies should address regardless of other polices and protocols.

Beefing up training right now is even more critical. On top of typical challenges, the pandemic has forced massive changes in where and how employees work. Besides making sure skills and habits are up to speed, reinforcing company culture, values and expectations is another major consideration.

Jenny Douras, Principal, AdvantEdge Training & Consulting

Jenny Douras, principal of AdvantEdge Training & Consulting, has decades of experience helping companies up their game through a variety of business, professional and Microsoft Office training courses.

An article in the July AdvantEdge newsletter perfectly frames the conversation about needed training: “Everyone’s world has changed.  Businesses are working hard to adjust to the new normal with virtual work structures and social distancing adjusted office spaces. Employees are having to endure COVID uncertainty and limited social interaction. One of the key ways companies are keeping their employees motivated, and feeling a sense of normalcy, is with training.”

Douras says there is general agreement about the high value of employee development. Getting from talking about it to doing it merits immediate consideration, given both near-term and long-lasting challenges posed by the pandemic’s disruption on workplaces and workforces.

The article emphasizes that key benefits to companies, and by association its customer service, include “improved morale to reduced turnover, from better productivity to more opportunity to promote from within.” 

Moving quickly to enhance training in the current environment “is even more important in keeping up morale,” Douras points out. “Companies are seeing huge impacts on employees by bringing in training courses for them. Employees are excited to have an opportunity to do something outside of normal daily work tasks. And when provided training opportunities, they feel valued by their company, giving them a better sense of security. Training also gives employees a rosier outlook. It gives them anticipation of fresh ways they can use their new skills to do things, giving them excitement for the future, as opposed to one just clouded with COVID.”

Companies training their employees to be the best they can be are enhancing customer service at the same time. That’s a win-win for everyone.


Customer service isn’t one-size-fits-all. While there are some policies that merit universal application, such as listening to and acting upon customer concerns in a caring and substantive way, preferences can vary considerably. What do companies do to best identify what most customers want and expect, understanding that not everyone will be happy?

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