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Ways To Show That You’re Invested (Or Want To Be) In Human Caring

This post has been excerpted from: Is Personal Service in Fintech Getting Lost Amid the Digital Mindset? by Mark Lusky.

…there’s a substantial segment of consumers that not only want, but demand, human service—particularly when it comes to customer support. Many people want to consult a live human being for help versus being relegated to digital resources…

Here are three ways to beat your “human caring” drum:

  1. Check in with your world. Conduct a campaign (perhaps a crowdsharing effort) to find out what prospects as well as present customers want in the way of live and automated processes and support. This can range from targeted one-on-one outreach and focus groups to creating and sharing articles, blogposts, website excerpts et al with a larger audience. Also, canvass prospects on your website before they get to “no.” Very early on in any digital process, ask how they want to communicate and what types of support they expect. This can tell you volumes about what your prospects prefer, and serve as a great guide for deciding if/how to change.
  2. Use a well thought-out and implemented human caring strategy as its own marketing tool. Make the issue front and center in blogposts, expert advice articles, case studies, whitepapers and e-books; on your website; through social media and reviews. Then, make sure you’re following through on your commitments. (There’s nothing worse than seeing lofty claims unsupported by user experiences, reviews and reports.)
  3. Extend human touch company-wide. Besides direct human voice (and sometimes chat) resources, reference your humanity and personal touches—and build trust—through such efforts as showcasing happy employees. Use a happy workforce as a powerful marketing tool demonstrating your investment in people. Share the word via blogposts, social media articles/posts, published expert advice articles, website references, et al. Happy employees do a better job and take better of care of customer business, whether they’re on the front lines or behind the scenes. The clear takeaway for consumers is that your company will take good care of their needs—and therefore is trustworthy.


Mark Lusky, President, Mark Lusky Communications (aka The Happy Curmudgeon) is a veteran writer, storyteller and author, with 40+ years of public relations, advertising, marketing and journalism experience. READ BIO

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