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When customers complain, rejoice!

Unhappy, vocal customers are a company’s best friend. No matter what industry you’re in, what service you perform, what product you make, or what marketplace you serve, the common thread is the invaluable role that complaining customers play. Yes, the initial hit may sting – especially when posted on a public forum such as Google […]

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What is good content?

“Basically, it really doesn’t matter how much information is out there, as long as people can find what they want and need without endlessly wading through the haystack to get to the needle.” Mark Lusky There are many ways to define “good content” depending on the subject matter and context. For general discussion purposes, good […]

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Tips for Identifying client personas

With advancing technologies and a dizzying array of choices, identifying client personas that target buyer sweet spots can be challenging. For companies considering their buyer personas, this issue prompts an important question: How do you address multiple audiences whose needs and wants may be radically different from one another? Do you find ways to appeal […]

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Three quick tips to help build prospect confidence

Faced with uncertainty in the world-at-large, business prospects yearn even more for that stable, solid “piece of the rock” around which they can anchor their efforts. Be that rock. Take the initiative to show that you “mean business.” Develop business-like agreements and contracts that address both boilerplate issues and policies about ongoing use of work, […]

Cultivating Positive Relationships Customer Service Empowerment Techniques

To keep your bottom line happy, make sure to keep your clients happy.

Getting new business is one thing. Keeping it is another. Currently, the US corporate model seems to run counter-intuitive to the fundamental concept of client/customer retention.

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That ‘rocky’ marketing feeling

If marketing often feels like Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill, only to have it crash down repeatedly upon you, you’re not alone. In fact, big as well as small companies—and everybody in between—are struggling. If you’re feeling like Sisyphus, and are unsure about where to go next marketing-wise, here are a couple of […]

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Tips for Being Proactive with Online Reviews

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Instead of just spreading the word in a specific community, as was the case hundreds of years ago, consumers in communities all over the world can become informed about favorable and unfavorable buying criteria in seconds through online reviews. In many ways, this continuing trend […]

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Social media is a many-splendored thing to some, a necessary evil for others.

Social media fundamentally is traditional connecting, communicating, referring and sharing of opinions — on steroids. One way to address social media’s potential use is to quit viewing it as some monolithic monster waiting to gobble up all who don’t embrace it. Long before social media came upon the digital scene, a similar process flourished in […]

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It’s the little things that add up big!

Often, in the heat of daily deadlines and stress, companies pay too little attention to a vitally important part of their operations: the little things. Because these seem to be small items that can disgruntle present customers or prospects, those offended may be less likely to express their discontent to you directly. They either decide […]

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How to cut down backstabbing in the workplace

Workplace backstabbing is a virulent affliction. It destroys productivity, creates employee strife and damages the bottom line. As with disease, prevention is the best medicine. Hire people by using objective, scientific assessments of personality, behavior and attitudes. Conduct regular, periodic workplace reviews to identify — and treat — early warning signs. And if a problem […]