Cultivating Positive Relationships Customer Service Empowerment Techniques

It’s the little things that add up big!

Often, in the heat of daily deadlines and stress, companies pay too little attention to a vitally important part of their operations: the little things. Because these seem to be small items that can disgruntle present customers or prospects, those offended may be less likely to express their discontent to you directly. They either decide […]

Cultivating Positive Relationships Empowerment Techniques

How to cut down backstabbing in the workplace

Workplace backstabbing is a virulent affliction. It destroys productivity, creates employee strife and damages the bottom line. As with disease, prevention is the best medicine. Hire people by using objective, scientific assessments of personality, behavior and attitudes. Conduct regular, periodic workplace reviews to identify — and treat — early warning signs. And if a problem […]

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Circumvent customer service to get real customer support

As major companies attempt to rein in expenses, small businesses and consumers often encounter a tightly woven customer service loop seemingly designed to deflect and deter, rather than resolve customer issues. To get action, it’s becoming ever more important to think outside that loop. When you need more than a routine response, reach up, out […]