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Tale of two companies: Nova Home Loans displays emotional intelligence in contrast to loan servicer emotional ignorance

A key tenet of successful customer service is the level of emotional intelligence or ignorance that prevails. This pervades all facets of customer service, but one where much improvement is needed is the written word. Especially now, amid major stress, anger, and frustration, corporate America could do itself proud by communicating positively and supportively. Instead, it appears often that the level of human angst also permeates the tone of written communications. Companies wanting to up their level of customer service need to look at toning down harsh communications.

I just completed a refi. David Pellegrino, my guy at Nova Home Loans, has been stellar from start to finish—and beyond. He took care of an issue that the new loan servicer mishandled.

I got a letter mistakenly notifying me that my condo unit owner insurance policy had expired. In part, the letter reads, “Because an HO6 (Condominium Unit Owners) insurance policy is required on your property, we plan to buy insurance for your property. You must pay us for any period during which the insurance we buy is in effect for which you do not have insurance. You should immediately provide us with your insurance information…The insurance we buy…May be significantly more expensive than the insurance you can buy yourself…May not provide as much coverage as an insurance policy you buy yourself.”

Wow! Here I’m a brand new loan customer, and this is how they start out! Having had this happen multiple times with my old loan servicer, also seemingly unable to capture accurate information, I knew the drill. I immediately contacted my insurance agent to send the needed info to show that my policy is in effect. Gee, you’d think the loan servicer would have realized this because I couldn’t have done the refi without it. But, no, instead they decide the hammer the point home harshly. And in this case, they were clearly wrong.

David Pellegrino, Nova Home Loans

Riding to the rescue is David Pellegrino, whom I also reached out to about the issue. He immediately responds, says he’ll take care of the issue, and does! The problem seems to be solved, and my insurance agent didn’t have to spend his time yet again to un-snafu what someone else snafued.

If the new servicer had approached me in a positive way, even though they were mistaken, I still would have been frustrated. However, I would give them credit for showing some emotional intelligence in their communication. Instead, I already have a chip on my shoulder about them and their glaring emotional ignorance.

In contrast, I intend to be a loyal customer of Nova Home Loans, at least as long as David Pellegrino is there.

In many cases, it doesn’t take a whole lot to make a friend. Words do matter, and the choice and ability to be emotionally intelligent vs. emotionally ignorant doesn’t require rocket science.

Corporate America, are you listening?


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