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Consumer confidence is a many splendored, and easily shaken, commodity

Great products are part of a great customer experience. Costco has figured this out. In addition to favorable pricing and excellent treatment, Costco has earned a reputation for carrying reputable products. While it’s not a perfect system, more often than not customers can buy products with confidence—figuring that only the crème de la crème will […]

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T-Mobile and Siggi’s share emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence can take many forms, from admitting a mistake to giving consumers an enlightening experience. Siggi’s Yogurt did the former. T-Mobile gets a shout-out for the latter. Within a week of starting to consume Siggi’s Yogurt, I received the following email: “We heard you loud and clear…In our never ending quest to lower sugar, […]

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Costco optical department specialist earns ‘emotional intelligence’ kudo

As anyone who hangs with me knows, I love Costco. For two-plus decades, they have personified emotionally intelligent customer service across the board. That’s due to a caliber of the people they hire, and how they train them. During a recent visit to the Parker, CO store to get my new glasses adjusted, I was […]

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Emotional intelligence prevails when system glitch surfaces at Amazon

A couple weeks back, I ordered two items on Amazon. When the delivery failed, I requested and immediately received a full refund. I re-ordered the items. Two days later, the “undeliverable” items showed up. I likely could have kept quiet and gotten everything free. Instead, I called and explained the situation. At first, the rep […]

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Tale of two companies: Nova Home Loans displays emotional intelligence in contrast to loan servicer emotional ignorance

A key tenet of successful customer service is the level of emotional intelligence or ignorance that prevails. This pervades all facets of customer service, but one where much improvement is needed is the written word. Especially now, amid major stress, anger, and frustration, corporate America could do itself proud by communicating positively and supportively. Instead, […]

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Communications channels need to back up customer service reps

I got a reminder last week about the importance of “training” communications channels right along with reps to accurately inform and educate. The matter seemed to be simple: I wanted to donate an old flat-screen TV. After a couple hours calling around, based on website-based policies for such items, I learned that many communications either […]

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As top-notch customer service demand rises, does supply have to fall?

Forbes Senior Contributor Micah Solomon addresses a great question about customer service standards falling as a company scales up operations. He notes: “Is such lowering of standards irreversible, the inevitable status quo as a company continues to scale? Decidedly not—if you relentlessly resharpen your focus and tenaciously stick to your guns once again in only […]

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Top-notch training keys customer service success

In today’s complex, fast-scaling work environments, competent and ongoing training is an absolute requirement to achieve customer service success. Without it, workforce attitudes and aptitudes suffer—with consequences impacting customers in frustrating ways. To provide complete and accurate information to would-be as well as present customers, companies must ensure that their customer service reps know the […]

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Starry snafu highlights why misleading customer service is worse than none at all

Customer service representations that don’t hold up to actual performance are worse than no customer service at all. My Nextdoor post last week addresses my frustrating “Starry Snafu” experience:  “As a backup to CenturyLink Internet/landline, which I’ve had nearly 5 years, I ordered Starry on a trial basis. When I put in the order, I […]

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Incessant advertising is another over-communication mistake

I can die a happy person if I never see another Golo or American Home Shield TV commercial come up on the screen. Make no mistake, I actually checked them both out initially. Golo offers a regimen to battle insulin resistance and American Home Shield covers home repairs. In fact, I initially found the American […]