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Time-tested customer service practices will help counter complaint regulations

Customer service complaint regulation may be coming to a business near you. According to an article in, “Stricter regulations will force businesses to focus on complaints management…With the new Australian regulation RG 271 having gone into effect on October 5, 2021, we predict that similar regulations will continue to expand around the globe — […]

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Relating ‘new’ tactics to old values, expectations

A December 2021 article that addresses “10 ways to create better predictability in customer service” notes, “Creating predictability in customer service is one of the most challenging things to do for small business owners. It’s one thing to do customer service yourself when you’re just starting your business. But as you scale and hire […]

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Let’s start with Happy New Year wishes and a wish list

OK folks, it’s a clean slate. New Year. New ideas. New opportunities. Or perhaps it’s actually a return to old values, insights and practices that will do the most good. In customer service, bedrock practices based on historical wisdom always seem to work best. So, with the New Year, let’s look at some of those—and […]

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Customers and customer service: Perform random acts of kindness this holiday season…and beyond

Kind words. Acknowledgement. A big “thank you for all you do.” These are a few of the many random acts of kindness that both customers and customer service can perform to honor each other this holiday season. Then, pay it forward into the New Year. While this is the time of year when we pause […]

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Great Resignation magnifies customer service challenges

Everything that goes into good customer service is being tested by the Great Resignation. Adequate staffing, training, and employee engagement and longevity are among the most stressed areas. It’s hard—if not impossible—to provide top-notch customer service when there aren’t enough well-trained, seasoned, and motivated company employees in place to do the job. Adequate staffing is […]

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Will supply chain crisis hurt or help overall product quality?

It’s “survival of the fittest” vs. “fill shelves with anything available.” On one hand, the most fit product manufacturers, in some cases at least, will be the ones best able to keep supplies on hand during the supply chain crisis. They think ahead. They figure out solutions. They overcome obstacles. On the other hand, empty […]

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What happens when all those great products are out of stock?

Supply chain disruptions increasingly are leading to bare shelves. In turn, many of those great products are out of stock—leading to disgruntled, frustrated customers. Many of those customers are now crying “bad customer service” as a result, and blaming those closest to the issue—retail front line workers. Business Insider freelance writer Elle Hardy interviewed one […]

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As top-notch customer service demand rises, does supply have to fall?

Forbes Senior Contributor Micah Solomon addresses a great question about customer service standards falling as a company scales up operations. He notes: “Is such lowering of standards irreversible, the inevitable status quo as a company continues to scale? Decidedly not—if you relentlessly resharpen your focus and tenaciously stick to your guns once again in only […]

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Sometimes, the decisions about pitching clients are clear-cut

Recent furor about new voting legislation has caused companies and organizations to choose sides on the issue. Major League Baseball moved the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver in the wake of Georgia legislation designed to restrict voting options. So, depending on how you feel about the voting rights issue, your prospecting process can have […]

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When ‘customer service stars’ present mixed reviews

Amazon gets high customer service marks. But, its employee treatment is controversial and, by most accounts, lacking. In contrast, Costco gets consistently high marks across both categories. As employees also are vital “customers,” mixed reviews can present a dilemma when deciding to court customer service stars as prospects. It’s not necessarily an all-or-nothing scenario. It […]