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3 Top Companies earning ‘Mom and Pop’ Kudos

While Costco was listed first on my top mom and pop kudos list, there are many companies out there with similar attitudes and aptitudes. These companies, smaller in scope than Costco, come up just as large when it comes to taking care of customers/clients.

I’ve already recognized these three in previous posts. I’m bringing them up again, in part because they’ve maintained an admirable “mom and pop standard” since the original posts were published more than a year ago. Continuing high customer service standards is every bit as important as achieving them in the first place.

First up is computer guru Michael Powers. As his Graywin LLC website shows, Michael provides a wide array of services in a reliable, timely and cost-effective way. As I wrote in the original post: “Getting him on board is the single best IT-related decision I’ve made during 36 years in business. Besides exemplary knowledge and experience across a wide variety of IT issues—both hardware and software related—his customer service is a sight to behold.”

Second up is Lois Deveneau. Written in December 2018, this post lead-in is every bit as true today: “Freelance Creative SupportExemplary customer service via creativity, initiative, brilliance…I’ve known and worked with Lois Deveneau since the early nineties, when my gray hair hadn’t yet bloomed and my waistline was trim and taut. Lois is the principal of Freelance Creative Support Services, whose motto is ‘I help people get stuff done.’ She does…and then some. Lois offers customer service excellence via her creativity, initiative and brilliance.”

The third profile features insurance specialist Dan Mahoney. His company, Insurance Group of Denver, has earned my continuing loyalty. As I wrote in the original post, “Dan and his people always handle the details in ways that make me feel they have my back. That said, I’m a realist. I haven’t had to make a claim, and I don’t know that the insurance company carrying the policy will satisfy me—but I believe Dan and his people will do everything they can to ensure the best performance possible.” It’s somewhat like having a good attorney. No one can guarantee a favorable verdict, but knowing you have a competent, committed advocate in your corner goes a long way.

Particularly during this uniquely challenging time, finding and doing business with “mom and pop” companies providing sturdy, reliable and stress-relieving customer support is vitally important to consumer confidence—and is a foundation of continued business growth.


As companies grow bigger and more global, customer service in many quarters is feeling more like dealing with a caring mom and pop enterprise than a mega-company. That’s clearly the attitude of such companies as Costco, which has been making me feel right at home since 1999. (Full disclosure: I’m an unabashed, biased Costcophile with an article in the August Costco Connection that addresses building and showcasing customer loyalty and service in times both good and bad.)


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One reply on “3 Top Companies earning ‘Mom and Pop’ Kudos”

I’d would like to add Quicken Loans/Rocket Mortgage to your list of large corporations who havrva personal hands on customer service approach. I worked with Nicholas Sacco when I bought in 2017 and again, currently, for a refinance for my original loan. Just last evening he called at around 8pm CDT to see if I could upload one more document so he could get everything to the closers first thing this morning CDT. It meant I didn’t wake to the email request early this morning. I uploaded the document onto their portal and my refinance is now in closing 4 days, including weekend, from my initial inquiry. I’m a very satisfied customer.

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