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Crested Butte holiday stay spotlights customer service peaks, valleys

Kudos and Kudon’ts of 4 days in a glorious natural setting Over the last 36 years, I have become a passionate critic of customer service, from the grand gestures down to the intricate details. While grandiose displays can inspire good first impressions, it’s generally the “little things” that form many of our lasting opinions. The […]

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T-Mobile enlivens its customer service

Company ‘enlisting real people to answer customer calls…’ Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” After many years of soft drink evolution from sugar to artificial sweeteners of many types, product manufacturers are again touting “real sugar” in their concoctions. It appears the same is happening in customer […]

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Of Costco and Shoehenge

My best friend Frannie’s cat, Shu Shu, has been ailing. So, I set out to do something to honor her life. I found it at Costco—15 pairs of “Shoes Shoes!” OK, so the first part is BS—except that I decided to pay homage to her after the buying spree with the shoes stacked in a […]

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I Luv Southwest Airlines

I have just returned from a lovely 6-day tropical paradise, topped off by one of the most enjoyable flights (if not the most enjoyable) I’ve ever taken. Southwest Airlines gets it. That’s why they continue to fly sky high while many other airlines flail and fail. That’s why I’d rather pay to fly on Southwest […]