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Coronavirus claims deserve utmost scrutiny, truthtelling

Establishing consumer awareness, ensuring consumer safety and promoting education are three critical customer service functions. As everything from product counterfeiting to coronaviruses becomes more front-and-center in the eyes of the public, companies need to step up their game to provide critical information and help safeguard the public as best they can. A report at […]

37 and Counting Cultivating Positive Relationships Customer Service Empowerment Techniques Opinion

Airline ‘Recline-gate’ discussion spotlights when one person’s customer service is another’s disservice

To recline or not to recline on a plane: That is the burning first-world dilemma currently making all kinds of headlines. The scandal began when a male passenger started punching the reclined seat of a female passenger. Even Ellen DeGeneres has weighed in through a article. The article points out, “Ellen [DeGeneres] is the […]