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Pope promotes tenets of conscious capitalism, fueled by Buffett’s current belief that share prices don’t reveal total company story

Pope Francis and Warren Buffett are reading from the same page about conscious capitalism. Buffett, the billionaire CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, recently repudiated his shareholder be-all-end-all beliefs voiced in a 2006 letter. An October 2020 article published in notes: “The Berkshire boss bemoaned in his 2006 letter to shareholders that criticizing efficient market theory, […]

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‘Conscious Capitalism’ propels customer service

Conscious Capitalism provides a sustainable roadmap for the capitalist system and a clear, consistent path to customer service excellence with all stakeholders—from customers and employees to partners and investors. Its importance and influence are summed up on the website “Conscious Capitalism is a global movement co-founded by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market […]

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Now is the time to be historical, not hysterical

Stress levels are off the charts. Analysis of potential business consequences based on different health, political and economic scenarios is rampant. As stock market ups and downs have proven so clearly, decisions are based on emotions—chiefly fear—and a desire to cover one’s butt financially. Now is the time to look back to see what lies […]

38 and Counting Business Development Cultivating Positive Relationships Empowerment Techniques

The Little Engine That Could: ‘I think I can, I think I can…’

Many businesses ultimately have succeeded or failed as a result of this tale, which tells of a train stranded on a mountain by an engine failure. Larger engines refuse for numerous reasons to help; a small engine agrees to try and succeeds in accomplishing this tough task while repeating the words, “I think I can, […]