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Telling your story credibly

Fit to print vs. print to fit. What’s the difference? Credibility vs. con job. A credible story is fit to print. Puffery fills space. An article telling your story in a compelling way is a powerful credibility builder for your company and can be distributed in a variety of ways. In contrast, a “puff piece” […]

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Costco prioritizes customers, employees over shareholders

This the first of a four-part series on companies exemplifying superior customer service and employee treatment—and the rewards accruing to their bottom lines and shareholders in the process. It’s a win-win model that exposes the zero-sum gain model of “I win, you lose” as an absurd and ineffective way of doing business. You listening, Donald […]

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Customer service is your company

Fundamentally, customer service always has been vital to company success. A article captures the enduring essence of good customer service: “…the core of providing customer service hasn’t changed even considering it’s been close to two centuries. Even with the speed of technology, many of the same approaches that Marshall Field made famous back in 1852 are […]

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T-Mobile enlivens its customer service

Company ‘enlisting real people to answer customer calls…’ Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” After many years of soft drink evolution from sugar to artificial sweeteners of many types, product manufacturers are again touting “real sugar” in their concoctions. It appears the same is happening in customer […]

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Ways To Show That You’re Invested (Or Want To Be) In Human Caring

This post has been excerpted from: Is Personal Service in Fintech Getting Lost Amid the Digital Mindset? by Mark Lusky. …there’s a substantial segment of consumers that not only want, but demand, human service—particularly when it comes to customer support. Many people want to consult a live human being for help versus being relegated to […]

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Time for scare tactics to become scarce

Diabetes affects your heart, so take this drug to decrease your odds of dying. Identity theft is right around the corner. Coffee is good for you…wait, bad for you…uh, good for you. (Repeat for eggs, coconut oil, etc.) We are deluged daily with “scary” information—much of it designed to goad you into buying a particular […]

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Don’t ‘over send’ or ‘under think’

by Mark Lusky Originally published in Label and Narrow Web, October 6 2017 Most of us know the drill. We donate once to a “worthy cause,” then are bombarded with pleas for additional contributions via emails, snail mail, text or a combination of the three. What started out as a satisfying gift often turns into […]

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Print Is Dying? Not in Packaging, Labels…or Elsewhere

Once again, it’s time to acknowledge that print is not dead. In fact, in some sectors, it’s growing and thriving. by Mark Lusky Adapted from an article published by PFFC, March 2017 A December 2016 story posted on Thailand’s starts out with the ominous headline, “FTI: Print to continue slow death in 2017. But, […]

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Cutting through the Clutter

Adapted from an Article by Mark Lusky Originally Published in The Denver Business Journal Small business owners trying to stay current on new trends and tips have quite a challenge. So how do you sift out the helpful, usable information from this vast repository, often referred to as big data? If you’re like many small business owners, […]

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What is good content?

“Basically, it really doesn’t matter how much information is out there, as long as people can find what they want and need without endlessly wading through the haystack to get to the needle.” Mark Lusky There are many ways to define “good content” depending on the subject matter and context. For general discussion purposes, good […]