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Crested Butte holiday stay spotlights customer service peaks, valleys

Kudos and Kudon’ts of 4 days in a glorious natural setting Over the last 36 years, I have become a passionate critic of customer service, from the grand gestures down to the intricate details. While grandiose displays can inspire good first impressions, it’s generally the “little things” that form many of our lasting opinions. The […]

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Customer service is your company

Fundamentally, customer service always has been vital to company success. A article captures the enduring essence of good customer service: “…the core of providing customer service hasn’t changed even considering it’s been close to two centuries. Even with the speed of technology, many of the same approaches that Marshall Field made famous back in 1852 are […]

36 and Counting Empowerment Techniques Opinion

36 years in business as of September 2

‘Labor Day’ takes on new meaning this year Labor Day holiday will be especially meaningful to me this year. On Sunday, September 2, I celebrate 36 years in business. That makes me, uh, “seasoned.” The gray hair is just a “professorial prop;” the wrinkles are “character lines.” I love what I do and have for […]

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T-Mobile enlivens its customer service

Company ‘enlisting real people to answer customer calls…’ Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” After many years of soft drink evolution from sugar to artificial sweeteners of many types, product manufacturers are again touting “real sugar” in their concoctions. It appears the same is happening in customer […]

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Pepsi proves bad customer service comes in many flavors

I limit my aspartame and soda intake, but made an exception to the latter with Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi as a guilty pleasure. I did this because they had stopped using aspartame. But, they reverted to its use and I—reporter though I am—failed to notice. As a result, I’ve unwittingly been consuming aspartame for a […]


International diplomacy: a many-splintered thing

Trump broke the ice, but will results break the country? I give Trump his due for meeting Kim Jong Un in person. And I say this despite the fact that I despise Trump. Back in 1969, I advocated the Israelis sitting down face-to-face with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat as part of my religious school Salutatorian […]

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Of Costco and Shoehenge

My best friend Frannie’s cat, Shu Shu, has been ailing. So, I set out to do something to honor her life. I found it at Costco—15 pairs of “Shoes Shoes!” OK, so the first part is BS—except that I decided to pay homage to her after the buying spree with the shoes stacked in a […]

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Bernie Sanders, Oliver North are both right about school gun violence

Address NRA intransigence with your vote in November The Washington Post headline sums up one position: “Oliver North, incoming NRA chief, blames school shootings on ‘culture of violence’.” Via NBC News, Bernie Sanders expresses another: “Bernie Sanders lashes out at Congress over gun control after Santa Fe, Texas, shooting…The Vermont senator said legislators will need […]


All the shit that’s fit to print…or prints to fit

What do these top two Google headlines have in common? “‘I was going to get this over with’: Inside Giuliani’s explosive Stormy Daniels revelation…Rudolph W. Giuliani said President Trump personally repaid his lawyer the $130,000 that was used to buy Stormy Daniels’s silence about an alleged affair.” -Washington Post “A serial pooper targeted a N.J. […]

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When justice is at stake, ‘no comment’ only works for so long

  White House ‘de-press’ briefing is a ‘no’ show Watching the latest White House press briefing was depressing. I haven’t watched many lately for that reason, plus the fact that I wind up swearing loudly in the workout room. While Sarah Sanders’ never-ending string of non-answers is infuriating, it also makes me wonder why the […]