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Customer service, employee empowerment, and pro-planet movements coalesce around B Corp 

As Mark Lusky Communications celebrates 40 years in business and the fourth anniversary of the Customer Service blog, we pause to honor the evolution of the international B Corp movement, and one of B Lab’s Global Stewards, thought leader Jared Meyers. He founded Legacy Vacation Resorts (B Corp); is a Co-Founder of Florida for Good; and is a Founding Director of Climate First Bank.

Do good in addition to being good. At last spring’s roundtable conversation during B Corp Month 2022, “B Lab, Sistema B, and B Corp Community [came] together for a conversation on systems change,” according to a blog post

The post points out, “All month long, our global network has been going ‘Behind the B’: showing the world what it really means to be a B Corp, and how this global community makes a collective commitment to workers, communities, customers, the environment, and stakeholder governance. As B Corp Month 2022 draws to a close, B Lab global convened a roundtable conversation on how our standards are driving forward economic systems change, and what B Corps can do to lead the way.” 

In the article, B Lab Global Steward Jared Meyers notes, “‘Ultimately board and ownership need to be on board with this process in order for it to work properly,’ Meyers says. ‘You’re doing some really good things as a company, but one of the big differentiators here is that B Corps aren’t companies that just do a few good things here and there. It’s holistic. And holistic means it needs to be bought into at every level of the organization.’”  

He adds, “‘A few good businesses will never change things by themselves, but what they can be is a catalyst for larger change…I think that’s what the B Corp movement is about: showing that we have 4,700 businesses doing some really good work out there, and trying to get the global economy to pay attention to what’s happening – and get on board.’” 

One example of Meyers’ thought leadership, on the topic “Renewable Energy, ROI Becoming Inseparable Partners,” is profiled in an article by Shaun O’Neill of Concord Servicing.

Be good. Do good. Then tell the world about it through thought leadership.


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