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Tom Foolery on YouTube: All I can say is WOW!

Recently, I received a link to a four-minute YouTube under the “Tom Foolery” banner. This installment, entitled “The Great Realisation,” addresses the days when COVID-19 attacked the land. It’s a look back from the future.

Amid all the conflicting overly-sanguine and gloom-and-doom reports about the pandemic and lack of certainty about its spread, containment and treatment, Tom Foolery was a huge breath of fresh air. Rather than trying to explain or interpret it, I suggest you check it out for yourself.

And that brings me to this week’s self-administered customer service observations. I continue to build and dwell largely in a personal “bubble” around all this. Within that bubble, I feel inspired, optimistic and hopeful. When venturing outside of it, I quickly find myself feeling like I need to be “detoxified.”

Spend a couple minutes looking at headlines, and I frequently have to re-enter the bubble quickly. I’m listening to friends details their fears, frustration and anger (on all sides of the COVID discussion), and finding that I need to put a governor on when and how much to absorb.

Speaking of governors, I wanted to again commend Colorado’s. Jared Polis has been receiving national attention for what I continue to call his incredibly wise and balanced approach that takes into account critical health, emotional and economic factors. I truly believe he gets it! A big shout-out to him. He’s truly providing excellent “customer service” while many politicians flounder. In turn, that’s been a catalyst for my self-administered customer service. I can venture forward happily in my bubble feeling that at least one person in charge is acting wisely.

So, what’s in the bubble?

I continue to make new friends in Colorado…and beyond. While I treasure my local tribe, it’s always fun to meet new people—even virtually. New discussions, insights and communications get established. Even in normal times, this is a healthy way to live life. In the new normal, it’s even more critical.

I made my best-ever batch of chickpeas in ginger sauce. While I’ve been making this Indian dish for years, something about this batch was special. I believe it contained just the right ingredients in just the right amounts. Curiously, this is one of the few recipes I follow fairly closely. This coming week is calling to my creativity to create something new—perhaps from scratch without any recipe guidance.

I continue to pursue newbiz opportunities with folks who, like me, see this as a time of possibilities. Having coped through several recessions over the past decades, I learned early on that economic challenges create new opportunities. In my world, that often means the companies accustomed to paying big bucks for content creation and marketing-related services suddenly seek more affordable alternatives that meet or beat the quality they were receiving.

Finally, it’s been a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Actually, there have been a string of them. And, what’s not to like about warm, glorious, sunshiny weather? It’s a wonderful reminder that there’s always something upbeat and happy to embrace, even when the world seems somewhat yucky!

This coming week, continue striving to get past the yuck into the yeses. 😊

Self-administered customer service is especially important right now. Try finding and appreciating people, places and things that give you joy and “customer satisfaction.” They’re all around and plentiful. This is truly an opportunity to explore and expand horizons. Give it a try.

Mark Lusky

Do you have customer service snafus or stellar experiences to share? If so, feel free to comment on this post or email your thoughts to

Author of A Wandering Wondering Jew… and co-author of Don’t Get Mad, Get Leverage,  Mark (aka The Happy Curmudgeon) is the owner of a Denver-based marketing communications firm.

Mark Lusky is a veteran writer, storyteller and author, with 40+ years of public relations, advertising, marketing and journalism experience.

One reply on “Tom Foolery on YouTube: All I can say is WOW!”

This is helpful and timely. Good suggestions for mental health while protect physical health.

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